Finding Expansion within the Contraction

navigating emotional fatigue and cultivating hope in these transitional times


If  you are asking yourself:
Why does it feel this way?  What do we do?  Where is my joy?

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“I don’t ask for the sight in front of me to change, only the depth of my seeing.”
—Mary Oliver

We are still deep within the ‘Dis-memberment’ of these times. We move steadily, albeit slowly, toward ‘Re-membering’. Pulling ourselves back to our truest nature of hope, joy, and truth.
Our daily lives within these times are shifting yet again…mirroring Earth herself. The expansion, the contraction…the inhale, the exhale…the gripping, the surrendering.
We are asked to be present with our emotions, be grounded in our bodies, and bring awareness to our nervous systems.

There are beautifully unexpected moments that arise from these times, asking us to compassionately hold differences and hold diversity.
This cycle is not new. We just happen to be here on Earth at this time. Throughout my 30+ years in private practice, I have never experienced, in our greater collective, such a deep sense of Fatigue, Confusion, Anxiety, and Depression. This is the Sympathetic Nervous System whispering to each of us.

Somatic (body-centered) practices have been used throughout history to naturally ‘reset’ the Fight, Flight, and Freeze response. The ancient practices of Shamanism give you a unique and practical way to shift your nervous system and connect with helping guides that can support you as you walk forward. I have created a unique synthesis of these two modalities over the course of 30 years.  It has changed my life and hundreds of others…it works!

How do we Re-member ourselves during this time of great change? We spread our toes in the earth. We pay as much attention to the mud between our toes as we do to the toes.

We extend the space between the thoughts. We let go. We drop our strong shoulders. We stop gripping. We allow ourselves to know that we are never alone. We believe in gravity. We breathe out. We hope. We let go again. We experience the expansion nudging the contraction. We surrender. We forgive. We trust. We breathe. We love.

Denise Andes CRT, LPC is a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, and Body-Centered Psychotherapist. She has enjoyed a Private Practice for over 30 years and works extensively with developmental, shock/trauma, and self-acceptance issues.

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