“Denise Andes has an incredible gift of sight.  She is a born shaman.  I call Denise myself when I need some shamanic help and healing.”

 —Sandra Ingerman, author of  Soul Retrieval and Awakening to the Spirit World.



“As a researcher, I’ve been witness to the work of many shamanic practitioners over the last 28 years.  I have to say that Denise Andes is a healer of unusual skill and insight.  Her blending of core shamanism and body psychotherapy reaches the essence of issues at hand and restores wholeness at a depth which I have rarely seen.  Denise is the real thing.”

Jeff Strong, researcher, author, recording artist, and creator of   Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention.  Director of the Strong  Institute.



“I’ve known Denise for over 20 years and I’ve always been amazed at her energy and intelligence.  In her Reichian and Shamanistic work, those qualities, plus her practical intuition, guided me to substantive and astounding breakthroughs in my personal exploration.”

Robert, Author, yogi, and grandfather



“Denise’s capacity to hold a safe space for the work of intense personal transformation is huge.  Even in her profound depth and insight, she is grounded and practical.  A rare combination.  Because of the Body-Centered and Shamanic work with Denise, I have recovered lost parts of my self that I have longed for since birth, parts that were lost through traumatic experiences and parts that were lost by simply being born a woman in this world.  In her humble and loving presence, I become more and more of who I am meant to be.  That is a gift beyond words.”

Jamie, homemaker, mother of 4, educator



“The work I did with Denise allowed me to see for the first time the pain I was holding in my heart was more about the sword I continued to hold up to the world!  Without finding the trust Denise bridged for me, I could never put down this heavy sword—always feeling ready to defend, explain, and pursue.  Now I see the true gift is not to carry the sword but to know it is available only when it is truly needed.   I thank Denise for bringing forth this gift to hear and see with the eyes of truth and ears of clarity.  A true Shaman in today’s times…”

Dellarose,  creator and owner of Awaken Designs, Australia



“I will forever be profoundly grateful to Denise for caring for me through an extremely difficult time in my life.  She is a brilliant therapist, but an even more extraordinary human being.  She counseled me with a burning intelligience, a deep and authentic caring and committment, and a touch of humor!    Fortunately for me, I discovered her shamanic practice and I came to know Denise not only as a gifted therapist, but as a gifted shaman as well.  In a nutshell, Denise is the rare and real thing:  a true healer.”

C. mother, OBGyn, MD



“One can go to a conventional talk therapist, spend loads of money and years of their life to discuss the past…or go and see Denise Andes.  Through either her Body-Centered Psychotherapy or Shamanism, the student can expect to get well, move past, and move on.  A modern day Medicine Woman, using ancient healing practices, Denise Andes allows her students to experience in a safe, spiritual environment, the very best of who they are.”

Frances O. P.T., O.T., Speech Pathologist, Reflexologist


“Denise is a potent and positive influence in my life.  Amazingly skilled at her work, she offers it with compassion, gentleness, humor, strength, and an uncanny ability to meet me in the moment and keep my toes to the fire.  This weaving of therapy and journey work  continues to let me cultivate a more connected and grounded way of engaging with life, just as I am, right now, right here.  And this is why I continue to work with Denise.”

                                                                                      —S.O., Artist, Creator of Home Girl Walkabouts, Wabi-Sabi Camps


“I feel so much gratitude to Denise for her incredible skill in helping me release trauma that had been stuck in my body for decades and that had put an upper limit on my becoming the truest expression of myself.  Through her extraordinary gifts as a Somatic Therapist, she has made a truly enormous difference for me.  Instead of feeling perpetually armored, defensive, and stressed, I now have the capacity to glide through life with grace, calm, ease, neutrality, and a joyful presence.  I had no idea this was available to me until she made it so I could experience it.  And thankfully it didn’t require rehashing past trauma, plus it happened relatively quickly.  I’m convinced I could have done talk therapy from now to the day I die and it wouldn’t have touched what Denise was able to unravel and transmute in a matter of months.  I am eternally grateful!

-Susanna, Coach, Mentor, Consultant


“When one of my friends, coworkers, and family members need help, I recommend Denise to all of them.                  Her therapy is the reason that I was able to move on from a destructive lifestyle. She helped me navigate through trauma and low self-esteem into a place of appreciation for who I am.  Honestly, I cannot stress how much her Kindness and passion for assisting in the healing process nourishes the soul.”

—Rachelle, BS, BSN, RN,CNOR, (Navajo)