Embodying the soul…finding harmony and balance in these transitional times.

To truly embody the soul, we must embrace the work of self-examination while maintaining a daily spiritual practice. This group is a unique opportunity to explore issues on a somatic and on a shamanic level in a safe and contained environment.  

The group will loosely go as follows:     Journeying in Non-Ordinary Reality, we will meet helping spirits that provide guidance and compassionate teachings.  I will send out Intentions for the group one week prior to meeting so that you have time to contemplate how these prompts relate to you in your life.  When we gather as a circle, we will ‘ground in our bodies’ before we journey.  I will drum as you  journey, and afterwards, you will have a chance to record your journeys and you will have the opportunity (if you choose) to ask questions and share in group.  This is a teaching group…it is safe, contained, and very sweet.  My deepest intention in teaching is to help you reconnect and remember  truth within your self and within this world.  I believe that we are all creative visionaries.  It is our work to step into this.

Shamanic work is the gift of ‘direct revelation’.  It will give you a different perspective on how to bring healing to emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical issues held in your body.

Led by  Denise Andes CRT, LPC

Cost:        $50.00 per group

Dates:      first Wednesday of the month  (sometimes this shifts…please call if you’re interested in coming)

Times:     5:30-8pm

Location:       Santa Fe, NM    ZOOM/INTERACTIVE currently

Denise Andes CRT, LPC is a Neo-Reichian Body Psychotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher.  She has been in private practice in Santa Fe, NM for over 30 years, where she works extensively with developmental, shock/trauma, and self-acceptance issues.

To register or for more info, contact Denise at 505-690-3890

Please bring a rattle (if you have one; I have plenty), yoga mat, scarf, pillow, and blanket, and notebook and pen.

Some prior experience in shamanism is preferable, though not necessary.  Just let me know about this if you are new.

                                “The soul would have no rainbows if the eyes had no tears.”  -Minquass