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Welcome!    This workshop will unfold as follows…

There is space for 10 sweet humans in this workshop.  This allows me to attend to all of you individually as well as the beautiful Circle we create.

We will gather in a sacred online gathering for teachings and work with our compassionate Helping Guides.  I will provide you with a Journey Intention,  you will journey, and afterward, we will regather in Circle and share journeys/questions.   Throughout our time together we will be on-screen in a circle, and off-screen for somatic exploration and shamanic journeying.  (i.e. this alleviates  ‘screen fatigue’.)

I am well-known for safe, contained circles, so please know that you will be held in love.

Shamanic journeying skills and a good working relationship with your Helping Guides are needed.  Please contact me if you would like to take this workshop, and haven’t journeyed before.

I will provide everyone with an MP3 of my drumming for journeying.

What you need to gather for your ‘Journey Pod’:

  1. External headphones are highly recommended.  They work much better than earbuds for the drumming to land in the body
  2. Blankets, pillows, headphones, eye cover, water, journal/pen, candle, rattles (if you have them)
  3. Dress comfortably in layers
  4. Create a safe and contained space
  5. Please test out all Tech devices, download MP3, and get ‘set up’ ahead of time

We are in Mountain Time!

You will receive a ZOOM link with MP3 attached Friday morning ( TBA).
The ‘waiting room’ on Zoom will open at 5:15 MST.   We will begin at 5:30 pm MST

Saturday will loosely follow the same format.