Grace, Grit, and Grounding

There are beautifully unexpected moments that arise out of self-forgiveness, asking the Egoic self to ‘step aside’…to give us a little elbow room.


These transformational times continue.  They are not new.  We just happen to be alive at this point in history.  And, as  a whole, we’re pretty riled up about it.  As a culture, we have been taught that Egoic identification is pretty danged good.  That ‘being in control’ is a good thing.  We are not in control.  We have never been in control.  We have an impact.  We make impressions.  We leave legacies.  We are accountable for our actions.  We have the capacity for big love. 

Our words and actions can be inclusive, open-hearted, and filled with grace, grit, and grounding.

It is a choice, simply put.  When we look into the mirror each morning, we see our body.  If we allow ourselves to see more deeply, we see Nature.  This is not a new thought.  It has been this way, always, in my humble opinion.  Our inner landscape and our outer landscape reflect each other.  How can they not?

How we maintain somatic awareness, and reach stillness within, will be our saving grace.

These times take us by the hand and walk us, sometimes kicking and screaming, up to Mortality.

Our own mortality.  The mortality of all sentient beings.  The mortality of traditions, structures, belief systems, ideologies.  Mortality.  We look it straight in the eye with disbelief, fear, rage, and grief.  Does it make us feel out of control?  Of course it does!  Is there a way to navigate these feelings?  Absolutely.  The first step is to pause.  Pause.  Then drop into recognition and awareness.  ‘What am I experiencing in this moment?  What is the sensation in my BODY?’  Because if I let my brain run the show…I feel like I’ll go crazy.  Or numb out.

Do we metabolize the emotions and the energy of anger, grief, fear…or do we project it onto others, situations, and differing belief systems?  Is it turned into Self-Hatred or Self-Love?  I ask you only to ponder.

When we speak, is it kind?  When we walk, are we embodied?  When we rest, are we present?

Surrender, self-love, and self-acceptance will come.

These are the beautifully unexpected moments that arise out of self-forgiveness, asking the Egoic self to ‘step aside’….to give us a little elbow room.  Allow the truth to come bubbling forth.  We have never been in control.  We are walking and living on borrowed soil.  We own nothing of this Earth…the Earth that is holding us so gently, turbulently, quietly, and that is constantly shifting.  We are keepers of this planet.  May we remember this each day as we walk our walk.  Whether it be on dirt, pavement, trails, or frozen tundra.

“As within, so without.  As above, so below.”