(for those experiencing resistance to the world slowly ‘opening up’ again…and for those that don’t understand this resistance.)


“I don’t ask for the sights in front of me to change, only the depth of my seeing.”

                                                                                        —Mary Oliver



Some people are overjoyed at re-connecting…and some are not.  This is being human.  We have the ability to hold differences and  diversity.

Our lives within the Pandemic are starting to shift again.  We experience this movement not only within our external lives, but also within the body, the emotions, the mind, and within the soul.

It depends, to a certain extent, on how one deals with transition.  A  feeling of being more alone and unattached from others can bubble forth during this time of ‘re-emergence’.  A sense of wanting to shelter in place…craving a ‘voice of reason’ (a safe parent) to be present.  Being human comes with attachment and boundary issues.  And for many, this lockdown has been a relief, regardless of the cause.


          It has been a safe cocoon.                    A pause.


The lockdown has imposed guidance, containment, and a sense of safety for many.  It has provided a sense of ‘being held’…a sense of belonging.  The tribe pulling together for the good of the whole.  An experience of family.

We are, unconsciously, striving to re-regulate very dysregulated Nervous Systems.

The generalized anxiety that comes with dysregulation has been challenging for many.  As a collective, we have been in ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ for well over a year.  We often find ourselves teary, withdrawn…in a bit of shock (Grief).  We might find ourselves depressed, frustrated, in opposition (Anger).  Or perhaps there is an experience of anxiety, numbness, or paranoia (Fear).

This is not a matter of being an Extrovert, Introvert, or any combination of the two.  This has to do with how, informed by individual life history, we experience connection, attachment, and tribe.


A deep teaching of this time is allowing Self-Acceptance and Self-love, which leads to compassion for ourselves and others during this time of re-opening.


Re-opening externally                                        Re-opening internally